Project Management

Execution of your project is where attention to detail really matters. Our Project Management methodology is proven to be a critical success factor for our clients and has saved thousands of dollars while keeping the project on schedule.

From task tracking to managing communication with all parties involved, we work to hit every milestone from beginning to end. Our expertise and approach uncovers problems before they happen, which reduces thrashing and delayed schedules that are known to plague the industry.

Project management services cover:

  • Project tracking from inception to move-in
  • Milestone management and tracking
  • Schedule management and maintenance
  • Proactive problem identification and resolution
    • Coordinate communication with all parties
    • Mitigate disputes between contractors and suppliers
  • Ensure quality control and compliance by:
    • Continuous project monitoring
    • Orchestrate formal property inspections
    • Uncover potential quality or compliance problems that cause schedule delays

“I have worked with Andy for over 15 years. Andy is the guy I would want managing my construction or renovation project. He is credited with keeping potential liabilities on a property from turning into actual liabilities through proactive planning and smooth execution.”

Bruce Oliver,
Executive Vice President/CFO,