Owner's Representation

Tired of juggling the responsibilities of managing your real estate investments, whether it’s handling renovations, repositioning an asset, or overseeing new building construction?
As an owner’s rep, we serve as your authorized decision maker throughout the duration of a development project. We proactively manage and track the entire project to protect the interests of you, the owner.  In this role, we will negotiate and issue all design services and construction agreements; coordinate activities with your legal team, contractors, suppliers, design professionals, and tenant representatives; and track and manage the project budget. This includes assuming the responsibility of reviewing lease documents and work letters, reviewing plans, attending all project meetings, tracking budgets/schedules, monitoring adherence to agreements, and more.

An Owners Representative:

  • Oversees all aspects of new construction or renovations on behalf of the property owner
  • Interfaces with all parties involved, i.e., engineering, architecture, legal teams, contractors, suppliers, property managers, towns and cities
  • Creates and/or reviews all lease and contract documents, work letters, plans
  • Directs strategy for property repositioning or repurposing
  • Negotiates all design services and construction agreements
  • Attends all project meetings
  • Tracks and maintains budgets
  • Ensures contractors and suppliers adhere to agreements

"Andy has extensive knowledge and experience as a construction manager over more than three decades of work in this profession.  He is a highly intelligent, competent and creative individual and is our 'go to guy' when we need a solution to a complicated construction problem that has to be done right the first time at a reasonable cost.”

Bob Wilkins,
UBS Global Asset Management