Litigation Support

Did a major construction project or contractor relationship go sour and now legal actions are required to resolve it?

Andrew Burns has been working in the real estate business for more than 40 years and understands the intricate process of commercial development projects... and what happens when they go bad. He has served as an expert witness to sort out legal cases that involved building code violations, faulty contractor allegations, and payment disputes.  If you have a pending legal case and need expert testimony, The Burns Companies can provide the expertise to support your case.

Litigation support services cover:

  • Expert witness
  • Contract and cost analysis
  • Code analysis
  • City and town documentation review
  • Plan & specification documentation review
  • Contractor documentation review
  • Payment documentation review


“I have worked closely with Andy on a variety of business related issues and I am continually impressed with the depth of his knowledge and experience in his profession.”

Chuck Rodman,
Rodman | Walker |
Di Marco